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      Add CHANGELOG.md and CONTRIBUTING.md · d52769b7
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      Create folder for scripts · 245f5503
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      Remove more FHI-aims-specific files · 56ed92ef
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      Remove TestSets folder · 61b7d68b
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      The test sets provided in the TestSets folder were too specific to
      FHI-aims, so I am removing them.
      These test sets were influenced by accuracy benchmark sets in the
      literature, where it makes sense for multiple codes to run calculations
      for the the same geometries, as the figure of merit (the predicted
      physical quantities) should not vary from code to code.
      For a performance/scaling benchmark set, on the other hand, different
      codes and solvers require different geometries based on their
      implementation details.  For example, mixing light and heavy elements
      will matter more for an all-electron code than a pseudopotential code,
      and vacuum spacing in surface calculations will matter more to a
      planewave code than a localized code.  It makes more sense to provide
      developers with the tools necessary to create their own sets of
      geometries that work with their code/solver, not shove sets of
      geometires on them.
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      Rename directories to match current status · e7f4c4bf
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      Many of the "subset" directories were, in retrospect, poorly named; for
      example, the 2DMaterials directory contains slab calculations, Bulk is
      an ambiguous name, and there's no rationale to separate out bulk oxides
      from other bulk crystals in this set.
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