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ELSI reverse communication interface (RCI) for iterative eigensolvers.
# ELSI-RCI - ELectronic Structure Infrastructure Reverse Communication
Interface (v0.1.0)
## About
ELSI-RCI provides and enhances open-source software packages
which iteratively solve or circumvent eigenvalue problems
in self-consistent field calculations based on the Kohn-Sham
density-functional theory. For more information, please visit the
[ELSI interchange]( website.
## Installation
The standard installation of ELSI-RCI requires:
* CMake (3.0.2 or newer)
* Fortran compiler (Fortran 2003)
Installation with recent versions of GNU, and Intel compilers has
been tested. For a complete description of the installation process,
please refer to the documentation.
## More
A User's Guide is available at
For comments, feedback, and suggestions, please [contact the ELSI
Copyright (c) 2015-2019, the ELSI team. All rights reserved.
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